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Below are some of our favorite examples of custom web applications we've had the pleasure of building for our clients. There's others we'd love to share, but we respect client NDAs.

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  • Autosnap

    The Autosnap team brought us on to build, launch, and enhance their SaaS application for the automotive industry. Without delving into the details, Autosnap performs image enhancements on a dealership's stock vehicle photography based on proprietary ranking algorithms. The imagery is then consumed by dealerships and large auto sales sites (i.e. autotrader).
  • 500 Posts

    500 Posts

    We were contracted to take an incomplete SaaS application and transform it into a production-ready, sellable service with a slew of new features, UI updates, and bug fixes. 500 Posts is a tool for small business owners to improve brand awareness and sales via user generated content found on social media networks such as Instagram. We not only built and released the product MVP, but continue to manage the product development with a small team of remote developers. check it out ›

  • POP.co

    POP is by far our largest scale project. It's a GoDaddy competitor that focuses on helping people get their new ideas up and online fast with a custom domain name, email address, and webpage quicker than you can toast bread. The sheer size of the project, dozens of API integrations, custom billing, and automation that occur is something we could write a novel about. We'd love to tell you more about this startup. Just ask! check it out ›

  • Pakible

    Pakible, a YCombinator backed startup, sells customizable shipping containers for businesses. We were contracted for a short period to add functionality to their checkout process for calculating shipping rates and bulk purchasing discounts based on the product selected and several other factors. Work provided made use of multiple third party APIs to perform the necessary calculations in combination with custom business rules. check it out ›

  • .CO Membership Perks

    We were contracted by CoInternet to help build the first and second iterations of their Membership Perks program. The program was designed to offer owners of a .CO domain members-only perks and discounts. The registration process includes a special step for verification of domain ownership. The application was also built with an API that supports registration and Single-Sign On to directly integrate with partners such as POP.co. check it out ›

  • Go.co

    We were contracted by CoInternet to rebuild their website with client supplied user interface designs, optimize and performance tune the server, and load test to ensure the site could withstand an influx of traffic following their 2013 SuperBowl commercial. The site utilizes some extremely customized scrolling logic to achieve the desired effect. check it out ›

  • Go.co Domain Suggestion Tool

    We were contracted by CoInternet to build them a cutting edge domain name suggestion tool for their .CO TLD. This project uses Ember.js to deliver a single page application. All of the UI elements are bound to the same data model and interact with one another. The MySQL database is heavily optimized to support querying of well over half a million curated domains. The domain availability checks are done via several cronjobs targeting high frequency starting letters, ending letters, bigrams, trigrams, and dictionary words. check it out ›

  • ReTargeter Insights V2

    ReTargeter is a platform allowing clients to build, monitor, and optimize retargeting campaigns. We re-developed the application from the ground up due to the prior application lacking in terms of speed, responsiveness, functionality, and stability. Much of our project focus was on optimizing the process of reporting data retrieval and caching of externally retrieved API data. We were also responsible for very customized Recurly subscription billing integration and handling to meet client requirements. check it out ›

  • Ruck.us

    Ruckus set out to disrupt the two party political system via collective action. We underwent several ideation processes to hone in on exactly how Ruckus could deliver on it's goals. Ultimately we built out a platform for creating politically charged questions and answering questions asked by others as well as creating "rucks". We built a custom social authentication system supporting Facebook and Twitter via popup modals with generic email signup fallback. check it out ›

  • Sweet Briar History Database

    The focus of this project was to design a database and supporting CRUD system for managing historical data of African Americans. The project goal is to be able to take the entirety of the database relations and begin matching pieces of data to individuals to generate richer biographies and family trees. Much of the data is pre-emancipation when legal names may not have existed on record. This site has advanced fulltext searching across every major table column and an extensive custom pagination class.

  • mofollow

    Mofollow is a free service we built for helping users expand their twitter network by finding new people their friends have in common. It was developed prior to the release of Twitter recommendations and we believe it still does a better job. It uses MongoDB for session management via a custom session handler we wrote and open sourced. We highly recommend you check it out for yourself. check it out ›

  • Craft Blue

    This ain't no WordPress theme, ya'll. You've got a front row seat to some of our development capabilities. Our website was built using a plethora of technologies: PHP 7, Kohana 3, HTML5 pushState + history, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, CSS3, responsive design, and tons more.