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a quick overview

We provide web development services for quality-conscious clients that understand the value of hiring professional web developers. We have the technical expertise to architect and deploy your application as you envision it.

As entrepreneurs and creative thinkers ourselves, we can help you with much more than web development. We love helping our clients ideate on optimal features to improve the user experience. When you work with us, you get our unfiltered feedback and suggestions. We want to see you succeed!

All of our code is clean, well-formatted, highly commented, and easily readable. We only deliver SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible, semantic HTML. We remain transparent in our development process and document all of our work via version control commit messages and third party agile story tracking software.

If you're looking for top notch web development, weekly progress updates on your deliverables, and a great final product, look no further.

Other Web Services

We could write a novel about the work we perform. To give you a better idea, here are some additional services we offer. If you want more information on anything you see here, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Code reviews
  • Application debugging and bug fixing
  • Code maintenance and refactoring
  • Website security analysis and patching
  • Website stress testing and performance analysis
  • Website scaling strategy and implementation
  • Server setup, updates, maintenance, and deployment

Full Stack Development

We specialize in building custom web applications from start to finish. This means we handle both frontend and backend development. If you're looking for experts in PHP frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter, we should talk. We use modern frontend stacks and build tools such as Gulp, Grunt, and webpack to get the job done right the first time.

Custom WordPress Development

We offer custom plugin and theme development for your WordPress based blog or CMS. Our team is well versed in modifying existing WordPress themes as well as creating them from scratch. We've developed a number of WordPress plugins and would be happy to discuss building yours.

Custom Third Party API Integrations

Most startups are built on top of at least one API. Make sure you get it done right the first time.

We've integrated with countless third party APIs and can tackle yours too! Because we specialize in building startups, we've build a small army of custom web API client libraries to interact with obscure APIs such as automotive, hotel and travel, domain registrars, and tons more. We handle anything and everything, including services like recurred billing, social logins, mailing list management, geocoding, address verification... you get the picture.

Some of the more common social login APIs we've integrated with are Twitter, Facebook, Github, Instagram, and Google.

Website Optimization and Performance Tuning

We have a decade of experience diagnosing and fixing performance issues in websites. We can find bottlenecks in your web application, database, and web server which are costing you visitors and money. There are so many possible areas for improvement, we're positive we can improve your performance. Here's just a few things we look for:

  • Unoptimized or over-sized images on your website.
  • A poorly configured web server or outdated version of a programming language.
  • An underpowered or over utilized Linux machine.
  • Poorly written code resulting in high algorithm complexity.
  • Poorly written database queries or un-indexed database columns.
  • Uncompressed CSS and JavaScript files.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We'd love to analyze and monitor your website to improve it's search engine rank. We employ a variety of tactics including keyword research, SERP keyword rank monitoring, backlink monitoring, monitoring competitors, and more. We utilize this treasure trove of data to perform on page optimizations to your site as well as create highly focused landing pages and blog posts to capitalize on increasing inbound lead generation.

Managed Website Hosting

We'll gladly work with you to define a hosting solution that fits your applications needs and traffic patterns. We're Linux experts, and can manually configure any number of VPS or dedicated machines for your startup or company. Have a small website? No worries, we use top rated shared hosting providers. Need an SSL certificate? We can set that up for you too. We're exceptionally good at performance tuning a web server to keep your site secure and running fast.

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