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We take you from ideation to application

At Craft Blue, we've spent over a decade building custom PHP web applications. We're experts in our field with a track record of successfully delivering dozens of large, complex projects for publicly traded companies and startups alike. Just look at our portfolio. Damn.

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Finding the right development partner can be scary

Many of our clients come to us after ending a bad relationship with another freelancer, creative agency, development shop, or offshore team. We hear it from more of you than we'd care to admit! If you've been bit before, it's all the more reason to contact us.

Featured Projects

We are extremely proud of our clients, portfolio, and the services we provide. Below are some of our favorite web development projects.

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Our Process

We have honed and refined our agile development process over the past decade to promote rapid development and quick deliverables.

We focus on rapid iterations, called sprints, to better estimate your project and give you tangible results each and every week. You'll know what we're working on and be able to see the results.

We don't over-promise: we continuously collaborate on your project roadmap and calculate small milestones of work. It drastically improves the accuracy of our project time and cost estimations.

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Our Services

We offer a variety of web development services and solutions. Our technical specialities include full stack LAMP/LEMP development (frontend and backend), security, scalability, website optimization, and website deployment.

We're PHP experts specializing in building custom web applications with Laravel. We also have done extensive work with WordPress, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Kohana, Slim, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3, and much more!

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We Meet Your Development Needs

We build startup MVPs


We build full fledged MVPs for entrepreneurs and startups looking to turn their ideas into reality.

We automate time consuming business processes


We find ways to automate, reduce, or simplify your business processes with software.

We increase online sales and revenues


We increase your online sales by updating copy, optimizing calls to action, and creating measurable traffic funnels.

We track key performance indicators


We create KPIs tied to your goals and teaching you to track your progress and achievements with metrics.

We fix bad code


We fix bugs and poorly written code, especially the kind that stemmed from your previous, outsourced development team..

We maintain and improve existing software


We work on or maintain existing and legacy projects for creative and marketing agencies that need extra manpower or expertise.