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Open Source Projects

We believe in open source contributions

We've open sourced a lot of code over the years. Here are just a few of our favorite Github projects we developed and released into the wild.

PHP Library: 2FA Authentication

This library provides support for 2-Factor authentication, often referred to as 2FA. It's a modern PHP client for integrating Google Authenticator 2FA into your application. This library focuses on increased security. It's is a full revamp of PHPGangsta's original Google Authenticator repository to promote best practices in PHP security and modern PSR-4 standards with Packagist.


PHP Library: AB Testing

Winston is a AB/split testing library which utilizes Redis and basic machine learning. At it's core, Winston is a configurable roll-your-own A/B testing tool for. Winston comes with several flavors of AB testing out of the box based on user-defined configuration options. Create subtle frontend UI modifications and track how they affect conversions over time.


PHP Library: Website Crawler

A PHP class intended for website crawling and screen scraping. It handles requests in parallel using a modified and wrapped version of Josh Fraser's Rolling Curl library which utilizes curl_multi() functions in an efficient manner. Caterpillar processes each request as soon as it has completed. It also implements a queue for lining up future crawler requests and ensuring that the number of links being crawled at any given time is as close to the max as possible.


Double Rainbow Plugin
jQuery Plugin: Call to Action

Double Rainbow is a proof of concept plugin that is mouse-aware. It tracks your mouses position relative to a target element and subsequently changes the target elements background color based on your distance from the element. It is intended to be used to increase performance of call-to-action buttons on a page.


PHP Library: Asset Management

Watchdog is a PHP class implementing inotify which watches for changes to files in any given number of directories specified in the input. It will not recursively check directories, so you must implicitely specify each directory you want watched. Watchdog currently supports automatic compilation of Stylus, SASS, LESS, Jade, and HAML.


PHP Library: Session Management

MongoSession is a PHP session handler class that was built as a drop-in for easily switching to handling sessions using MongoDB. It's a great replacement to memcache(d) for VPS servers where you risk memory being reshuffled in the pool and taking performance hits.